Protect your Digital Information

Are you really protecting your digital information?  You’ve likely heard of an SSL certificate.  But do you know what it is or why it is important?  I’d venture a guess that like most people you rarely give it a thought.

Almost a year ago to the day, there was a post entitled, “The Cost of Public Wi-Fi“.  That post contained some tips on how to protect your data.  Most people understand the importance of protecting passwords and logins.  Many know not to use a public Wi-Fi but let’s face it many of us do.  Starbucks, airport lounges, and even your local grocery store all provide wi-fi and a public password.  Maybe you even think that your account will never be hacked.

Who actually remembers that your email is data and contains lots of information about you, your company, and your family?  It can be the gateway to your digital information.  The first post provided a few tips on how to reduce your risk when using a public Wi-Fi.  One of the tips said, “check your email application to make sure that is using SSL”.  SSL – what’s that?  Where is it?  Do you have it?  How do you know?

What is an SSL Certificate and Why Should You Care” is an article written by Bill Hess, the founder of Pixel Privacy.  It provides some great information that answers all of those questions and more.  I hope you find the article both informative and useful.

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