Practice management (PM) software systems help practices automate tasks such as scheduling, patient registration, insurance verification, billing and patient demographics.  A high-quality practice management solution, that has been effectively deployed, can dramatically improve a practice’s efficiency.

It is critical for the success of your practice.  Too many times, providers make software and billing choices on price.  But that can lead to disaster down the road.  You can be the best in your specialty but if you can’t schedule patients, manage their insurance information and bill then your practice won’t survive.  Key features of a good practice management software will include:

Customized patient scheduling. This allows each provider to color code appointment types, duration and time.  It should also be scalable to allow for additional providers to be added.

Flash memos.  Allows special notes or alerts to be added to individual patient’s when they schedule.

Patient demographics.  Enables the recording of patient information that can be easily confirmed at each visit without re-entering the data.

Electronic insurance eligibility.  Provides automatic insurance eligibility verification.  No paper, no faxing is required.

Card scanner interface.  Offers a card scanner interface to swipe insurance cards.  This is both a time-saver and reduces data entry errors.

Credit Card interface.  Eliminates the need for staff to enter credit card payments.  One swipe and the payment is automatically posted to the patient’s account.

Customized electronic charge slips.  Allows each provider to create their own charge slip using their top DX and CPT codes.

Patient Portal.  This allows your patients can pay their bills online and communicate with your office.

Medical billing.  All billing information is kept online for each patient record and electronically scrubs and submits claims.

Practice Reporting.  A robust reporting module is key to running your practice.  The reports should have several customizable parameters.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration.  Provides practices with the option to choose the EHR that is best for their practice.

At Onpoint Medical Solutions, we vetted many, many practice management software solutions.  Ultimately, we chose the AdvancedMD Practice Management.  It is a web-based solution.  This means that you can access your data anywhere, anytime.  There is no equipment for you to maintain and you don’t need IT support.  It is HIPAA compliant and uses the same security encryption systems used by banks.  Best of all, the AdvancedMD Practice Management integrates with literally hundreds of Electronic Health Records.

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