What some of our clients are saying…

“For years, our practice used in-house billing staff and we were constantly trying to juggle the workload, cover sick days and deal with increased salaries and benefits.  It just made good economic sense to outsource.  Onpoint took care of all of these concerns and outsourcing proved to be less expensive that our in-house solution”. — Physical Medicine Specialist – Hawaii

“I started my practice with another billing company.  Things quickly went downhill.  Onpoint came in, did a complete AR analysis, corrected all of the problems, and collected on my old AR.  Now my staff is happier, my blood pressure is much lower and my days in AR are now 32”! — Psychiatry – Washington

“If you don’t want to worry about anything related to medical billing and collections choose Onpoint Medical Solutions as your RCM company”. — Endocrinology – Hawaii

“I chose to use Onpoint for my private practice and I couldn’t be happier”. — Orthopedic Surgeon – Arizona

“As an office manager for three very busy primary care physicians I wanted a billing company that excelled in what they do, operated with complete transparency and didn’t nickel and dime the practice to death. Onpoint increased the practice revenues by 10% and they have business relationships that can save your practice money.  A winning relationship all around”. — Internal Medicine – California

“My only regret is that I wish I would have found Onpoint first.  I went with a low cost option and it was a mistake.  Luckily, I got out in 6 months and selected Onpoint Medical Solutions.  They not only collected on my old AR but they set up a very efficient operation.  Onpoint performs all revenue cycle management services, does reimbursement analysis for me, helps me assess the feasibility of expansion and overall is an amazing resource for my practice.  Do you and your practice a favor go with Onpoint now”. — Sleep Medicine – Washington

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