1. Are you concerned about declining revenues?
  2. Are you under staffed?
  3. Do billing and collection activities suffer when the billing staff goes on vacation, is sick or needs time off?
  4. Are you tired of recruiting for experienced billing staff?
  5. Are you spending precious time on billing and collections when you should be focusing on patient care, practice development and referral relationships?
  6. Is there transparency with the billing and collection activities?

Medical billing and collections is an integral process in every medical office. We know you are the clinical expert but we are the billing and collection expert. Onpoint Medical Solutions is interested in being a part of your team by providing a full service medical billing and collection solution to your practice.

As your professional medical billing company, we adopt a solution-oriented approach and aim to streamline your office processes, increase your revenue, and improve efficiency and productivity.

Medical Billing Services

  • Appointment Scheduling – The first step to ensuring that every visit is billed.
  • Charge Capture – Automated customized online charge slips/superbills.
  • Data Transfer – You simply hit the submit button and your charge slip automatically transfers to Onpoint.
  • Claim Generation – Onpoint billing specialists ensure claims are properly prepared prior to being submitted.
  • Electronic Claims Submission – Fast, efficient electronic submission to all payers ensures faster reimbursements.
  • Payment Post and Processing – Every payment is reviewed and posted. If claims are denied they are corrected and rebilled and if a formal appeal is needed Onpoint initiates the appeal.
  • Secondary & Tertiary Claims – are automatically processed to ensure maximum payment.
  • Patient Billing – Onpoint exercises “compassionate collections”.
  • Checks & Balances – Every visit and every procedure is accounted for, billed, collected, and accurately tracked.
  • Recovering Unpaid Claims – Onpoint specialists aggressively detect, correct and refile unpaid or adjudication errors.
  • Claims Follow-up – Our billing software is an important part of what we do but technology alone doesn’t get claims paid but our reimbursement specialists do.
  • Performance Reports – Onpoint’s revenue cycle management reports allow you to stay in complete control of the financial health of your practice. Each month, we prepare comprehensive month end reports for our client’s.  And, we don’t charge for customized ‘on demand’ reports.
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