How to Save Money on Prescription Drugs with GoodRX and RXSaver

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Did you know that different pharmacies charge different amounts for the same medication?  What if there was a way to not only find the best price for prescriptions and medications but also get a discount?

It doesn’t matter if you are taking one medication or several, everyone wants to know what the out-of-pocket expense is going to be.  Whether you have insurance or not every dollar counts in medical expenses and the cost of medicine can add up quickly.  And don’t assume because you have insurance that you’re getting the best price for your prescription drugs.

Today, I am sharing two tools that can not only save you money but allows you to compare prices at nearby pharmacies to ensure you are getting the best price.  I have no vested interest in either of these tools.  They are both free; they work, and I just wanted to share.

The first tool is called RXSaver by RetailMeNot.  RXSaver works by giving you access to prescription pricing information.  It can save you up to 80% on your prescriptions, whether you have insurance or not.  RXSaver is an online tool that can help anyone save on prescription medications.  And for those of you who rely on your phone to help manage your life there is even an RXSaver app.  You will want to check out RXSaver for more details.

The second tool is called GoodRX.  GoodRx reports that the country spends more than $500 billion on prescription drugs each year.  Americans pay on average more than $1,200 for their medications per year, which is far higher than in any other developed nation.

They are similar to RXSaver in that they compare prescription prices; show the lowest price and provide discount coupons.  They have both an online presence and a mobile app

GoodRx offers competitive pricing by looking across the various retailers, including Walmart, Costco and CVS.  That price is often cheaper for the consumer than the cash price offered at the register, which is typically highly inflated. 

Check out both RXSaver and GoodRX.  Download the apps and use whichever one offers the best price.

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