Does Your Medical Practice Need a Website?

website must haves

8 Website Must Haves…

website must haves

Medical practices often asked for our opinion about the value of a website for the medical practice.  We are not website professionals.  However, we have had the pleasure of working with some very talented design and development people. Thanks to their input, as well as numerous articles, the consensus is a resounding “Yes”!

Regardless of  your specialty, the reality is people are searching online for you.  They are interested in who you are, what your credentials are and about your practice.  They are trying to determine if they will feel comfortable with you.  Whether you realize it or not, people search the web and make decisions based on your website.

It is true that potential patients may still make an appointment with you if they can’t find you on social media or if you don’t have a website but why leave it to chance?  So if you are thinking about development, re-design or updating we thought you might find the following article of use, The 8 Must-Haves for Your Medical Practice Website. 

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