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medical billing company

medical billing company

Running a successful practice takes exceptional patient care, outstanding customer service, business acumen and timely accurate billing.  You need a team you can count on and you need a medical billing company that can adapt to the ever-changing healthcare billing landscape.

Billing is a major operational function of your practice and an area where top performers can have a significant advantage by implementing a proper blend of technology*, automation and skilled Human Resources.  Medical billing is constantly changing.  Medicare requirements change, software and its capabilities change, codes change and even carriers make changes.   There is no constant with medical billing so whomever is doing your billing they need to be flexible, efficient and exhibit an ability to stay on top of the industry.

In-house billing departments struggle to stay up to date with the latest regulatory changes, and a shortage of qualified staff.  By streamlining billing processes with outsourced revenue cycle management, it’s possible to establish an efficient billing solution that not only reduces overhead costs but also allows you to focus on other core operations and caring for patients.

As the owner and chief decision maker, you have to determine what works best for your practice.  A good billing company can provide the foundation to build your practice.  You can build on that strong foundation and realize improved administrative performance, new patient services, and a more strategic use of staff.  Some believe devoting more time to revenue cycle management is the way to develop a successful practice but that takes you away from growing the practice and taking care of patients.  No one can do what you do.

When considering whether outsourcing billing is right for your practice remember to look at the big picture.  What is best for you and your staff?  Do you and your staff have the time to allocate toward billing and collection efforts?  Will the billing company work denied claims and file appeals, as needed? Is your account worked daily?  Do you pay for customized reports?  What reports are provided to you and will you get them the first week of every month or do you have to run them yourself?

The key to success is assembling your team so everyone is the expert in their field, equipped with the right technology and resources to do their job well.  Onpoint Medical Solutions would welcome the opportunity of becoming part of your team.  Contact us to learn how we can decrease your expenses and increase your revenue.

* Onpoint believes so strongly in practices using a best-in-class practice management system that we pay for the cost of the AdvancedMD practice management software.  Contact us to find out if your practice qualifies.

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