kim-rocha-cropKimberly Rocha, President & CEO

Ms. Rocha is the President & CEO of Onpoint Medical Solutions. She earned her BA in Personality and Psychopathology at University of Southern California, Santa Barbara and her Masters of Health Administration from California State University, Northridge. Ms. Rocha has extensive administrative experience in various healthcare settings including physician practices; inpatient care and health maintenance organizations. Her background has guided Onpoint in developing systems and approaches from the physician practice point of view rather than just the billing company point of view. It is this approach that has helped make Onpoint more than just a billing company. Ms. Rocha believes that it is important to develop business relationships that benefit all parties thereby creating a win-win situation.  In her spare time, she enjoys time with family, golf, hiking, reading and travel.

jason-headshot-crop1-copyJason Mirtich, Managing Partner

Mr. Mirtich started his health care career as a respiratory technician and then went from patient care to medical group operations where he worked in facility management, purchasing and information systems. His systems management experience coupled with his eye for detail and his dedication to training are a real asset to Onpoint and its clients. He believes that strong supportive training and education will provide staff with a solid foundation resulting in happier and better performing staff. Mr. Mirtich expanded his experience and knowledge to include all aspects of billing and collection. In order to truly understand every operational detail, Mr. Mirtich took it upon himself to work in every position. He now utilizes his experience and skills to oversee the day-to-day operations.  He conducts both in-house and client training, provides technical support and constantly assesses the effectiveness of all business processes in order to ensure that Onpoint Medical Solutions is operating at optimal efficiency while achieving key performance indicators for all clients. Mr. Mirtich is married and he and his wife have a daughter. In addition to spending time with his family he is an outdoors man who enjoys snowboarding, surfing, hunting, fishing and golf.

claire2a-copyClaire Ariyoshi, Vice President, Finance

Ms. Ariyoshi brings to Onpoint Medical Solutions over thirty years in health care finance, accounting and patient services.  Her experience includes accounting, patient registration, physician compensation, payroll and corporate finance. Additionally, she is an ICD-10 certified coder, a member of the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and a board member of the AAPC Hawaii chapter.  All of this experience contributes to her being and excellent resource for the Onpoint team and our clients.

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